Women’s Ministry

Women’s Ministry


There are different forms of ministry within the Deeper Christian Life Ministry. The Deeper Life Women Ministry is one of them, with a central focus on our Lord Jesus Christ.

Women played an active role in the earthly ministry of our Saviour and today, our women ministry is still fulfilling supportive roles in serving the church.

Its aim is to encourage women to engage with God through His word and prayer.

This opportunity is provided by supporting the spiritual well-being of all women within the church and outside the church. Seminars, workshops and forums are employed to expose women to the gospel truth, understand the gospel, respond to the gospel and apply it to every sphere of their life.

The Deeper Life Women Ministry offers pastoral care and counselling, where the deep truth of God’s word is applied to difficult situations of life like marriage, children upbringing, family, work and career. Likewise, the physical, emotional, mental and financial need of the women is not exempted, as it is important that women are equipped for service in whatever capacity they find themselves in. Also, that they grow in godliness and thrive in Christ so as to become role models.

Develop friendship in the neighbourhood, local community, work or school as a means to reach out to other women. A place where every woman is accepted, loved by God with a desire to serve God.